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» Welcome to the

Mill Creek Conservancy

Welcome to the Mill Creek Conservancy (MCC) website. We invite you to use the links on this page to explore our site.

The Conservancy is dedicated to the continued preservation and management of Mill Creek's historically pristine ecosystem, which provides critical habitat for fish and wildlife including a number of endangered species, such as Spring Run Chinook Salmon and Central Valley Steelhead. Our goal is to accomplish this mission by promoting resource protection and compatible land usage through cooperation between landowners, federal and state agencies, and other stakeholders. Learn about the topography, fish, and other wildlife inhabiting Mill Creek's scenically wild watershed, as well as the Conservancy's past and present efforts to protect and enhance it.

» Mill Creek At a glance:

Upper Mill Creek

Upper Creek

Headwaters in Lassen Park



Dramatic vistas abound

Resident 3

Black Rock Area

Scenic and pristine

Dye Creek

Dye Creek

MCC in partnership with the
Nature Conservancy

Resident 5

Historical Photos

Back to the future

Resident 6

Fish & Wildlife

Preserving habitat

Resident 7


Sulphur works to peaceful valleys


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» Recent News

Welcome to our website!

This website is part of the MCC's ongoing effort to inform the public about its work as well as significant news and issues affecting the Mill Creek Watershed. If you would like to receive occasional updates, please provide us with your email address by using the "Contact Us" feature.

Photo Gallery

Mil Creek showcases spectacular scenery throughout its length. Click the button below for a sound-accompanied slide show depicting some of the highlights.

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