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Mill Creek Canyon

Mill Creek Canyon begins a few miles downstream from the tiny town of Mill Creek and continues approximately 40 miles before reaching the Sacramento River Valley floor.

Accessible by car only via the challenging dirt road leading to Black Rock, the majority of the canyon is remote, pristine, and inaccessible private property. Averaging about 1,500 feet in depth, the canyon walls are lined with dramatic basaltic cliffs, pinnacles and caves formed over the millennia by massive lava flows. The higher, upstream portions of the canyon are heavily forested with Ponderosa pines and other conifers, which gradually give way to oaks, digger pines, bay trees and chaparral at lower elevations. The upper canyon has a profusion of springs that create small, crystal clear streams tumbling into the creek, some with spectacular waterfalls. Wildflowers are abundant in the spring.  

Wildlife includes bears, mountain lions, coyotes, deer, raccoons, river otters, and snakes along with quail, canyon wrens, wood ducks, herons, woodpeckers and raptors from bald and golden eagles to hawks and falcons.