» A Wild, Unpopulated and pristine landscape


Fall run chinookFrom its origins high on the slopes of Lassen Peak to its mouth at the Sacramento River near Molinas, Mill Creek’s wild, largely inaccessible landscape supports nearly every aquatic, avian and land species that it has for many thousands of years. The few conspicuous omissions are three land animals, grizzly bears, elk and wolves, which unfortunately were hunted into extinction soon after the massive increase in European population brought on by the Gold Rush.

Aquatic life includes resident fish species such as Rainbow Trout, Sacramento Pike Minnows (commonly known as Squawfish), Sacramento Suckers, Hardhead, Riffle Sculpin, Speckled Dace and Roach. Four anadromous species also begin their lives in Mill Creek, but then migrate to the Pacific Ocean to rear before returning home to spawn: Spring Run Chinook Salmon, Central Valley Steelhead (both endangered), Fall Run Chinook Salmon, and Pacific Lamprey.

Black Rock, Mill Creek

snakeBirds include a variety of raptors such as bald and golden eagles, redtail hawks and peregrine falcons. The watershed is also home to great herons, blue herons, wood ducks, canyon wrens, woodpeckers, flickers, vultures and numerous species of hummingbirds.

The list of large mammals common to the watershed includes mule and blacktail deer, black bears, coyotes, mountain lions, otters, raccoons, wild boar, and feral cattle. Rattlesnakes, king snakes and water snakes are also found.